Here is today’s poem. I wrote this one while camping last weekend. Hope you enjoy. Droplets See me here, on this leaf? Tiny droplets of moisture, Waiting patiently to find relief! Wondering where they’ll go…..off on an adventure, and not knowing who or what sees me….. But on this leaf, my time here is brief! […]

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Unfurling Fragrance

Here’s a heart felt poem…..about my dad! I miss him more and more everyday. Gone but never forgotten… Unfurling Fragrance Smelling so sweet, so red and pleasantly plump… These roses, the unfurling fragrance, are parallel with love! Don’t be scared, Cause it fits like a glove… I smelled you once, and I knew you were […]

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Here’s today’s poem. Hope you enjoy! Water Still waters, and balcony views! Led me to this place, I do not want to bid adeiu … Here I am care free, and feeling reborn! This city has had me from its inception, it’s a place where I’m lost in reflection! Here all time, incessantly, stands still… […]

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Here’s my latest poem…Hope you enjoy! Misery A glimpse of woe, and meaningfully so… Gazing upon the grazing cows, crouched in a field as I sit sniffing cherry blossoms… It all makes perfect sense up to this point! Embracing the forsaken, as noises from the concert boom via towering speakers… A chapter I once bid […]

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Today Im gonna share some haiku’s. Watching the sunrise this morning, I realized that mistakes are going to be made. You live and learn, pick yourself up, and carry on! Well yesterday was one of those kinda days. I Made an uh-oh and as soon as I did it, I knew it was gonna give […]

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Been a long day, Im tired….We’ve had a fun filled day, and as I was watching the sun set….This poem formed! Hope you enjoy… Birds and their chirps, such glorious sounds to be heard. If not for work… I’d miss out on all this, but I work thirds…. I go berserk, waiting for all the […]

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Windy Day

The weather here is nuts right now. Its incredibly windy, rains coming, and so I felt the need to write about it. Hope you enjoy! Things sway on a windy day. The kids wanna play, but with no where to stay! Wind brings rain, and so many things cant be explained! Rain brings out the […]

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