Planted some flowers today, got to thinking about all things spring! Wanted to write a little about it…its been a pretty chaotic spring thus far. So here it is, my poem for the day. Fearing death, missing out on spring, with all these life things… Why must now be the time! Watching things pass, not […]

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Here’s a new poem! As I sat watching the sunset, I captured the pic attached to this post. And it turned into this poem! Hope you enjoy. Setting sun…. Yielding hues in pink, purple, and orange. The sky is alive at sunset! No better time to witness all this Earth has to offer… Sunsets are […]

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Insomnia stinks….This poem came to me, of course when I couldn’t sleep! Do you have trouble sleeping? I don’t wish insomnia on my worst enemy. I’m one of those where if I don’t get sleep, my entire world crumbles….Anyways, here is my poem for today. Sleep Why must you evade me? Sleepy, yet not able […]

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Rainy Days

We have been having alot of rain. Horrible flooding, damaged roads, and all….but oh how the kids love playing in the rain! So here is a poem inspired by it, rainy days… Rainy days, Will not go away. It makes life hard, To play in the yard. So the kids play in the street, Waiting […]

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Does anyone suffer from mental illness? Here’s a poem about darkness and depression. Daylight shifts to dark and the darkness surrounds me! It swallows my entire being… The darkness fades, as the moon rises… Yet my darkness still lingers, waiting to be acknowledged! Myself, paying the ultimate sacrifice, being so low…. This is not a […]

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Another poem, written with mixed emotions….Its been a tough week. These words formed immediately into a poem! Let me know what you think in the comments… Absence Longing to belong, Where I should never have went! I risk it all, for it to make no sense… Where ever I go, I make no absence! For […]

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Today has been a trying day, life and death will always leave me bewildered…..Today, death has taken its hold onto my family, this poem reflects my current emotions! Souls alive, oh what a life! Seeming to thrive, but she took a nose dive…. To six feet under, oh such a blunder…. Gone too soon, no […]

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