Unfurling Fragrance

Here’s a heart felt poem…..about my dad! I miss him more and more everyday. Gone but never forgotten…

Unfurling Fragrance

Smelling so sweet, so red
and pleasantly plump…
These roses, the unfurling fragrance,
are parallel with love!
Don’t be scared,
Cause it fits like a glove…
I smelled you once,
and I knew you were close!
Things went right,
but I don’t wanna expose….
Meanwhile, my love for you hasn’t faded
but that fragrance won’t leave my mind….
You left me years ago, now I sit here jaded,
with nothing more than
a red rose in my hand…
That unfurling fragrance,
And memories of you…. They flood my mind,
Regularly…..The day you left
was more than just special…
21 guns and the red, white, and blue were both present….
Yet, I sat lost in my memories!
I sat with them, completely content,
Good, bad, and indifferent…..
Red roses, remind me of light and your love!
That unfurling fragrance,
Of red roses, they fit like a glove…
As I sit in silence,
your love is engraved into me…
Roses bring joy, and pain,
but my memories still remain!!
As I sit here, roses bringing me happiness,
I remember you in every moment!!
But roses, they are abundant,
And this has really been an adjustment…
But my life wouldn’t be the same,
if I’d never known your name!

I still love you Daddy!
Rest in Peace

©Alaina Jane

Thanks for reading!

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