Here is today’s poem. I wrote this one while camping last weekend. Hope you enjoy.


See me here, on this leaf?
Tiny droplets of moisture,
Waiting patiently to find relief!
Wondering where they’ll go…..off on an adventure,
and not knowing who or what sees me…..
But on this leaf, my time here is brief!

Still needing to know, where do they go,
But not wanting to find out…
Where does the next one show?
Droplets of water, found in a down-spout..
Waiting for their turn to grow,
Already gone now, and on said route!

Remembering, that rain is a blessing!
Being the best, it needs no finessing…
Sometimes life is upsetting,
not needing to, but wanting to impress!
This lightning is so refreshing…
Waiting for these showers, to be caressed!

Here on this next leaf,
Reborn again, and the cycle never ends…
Lost in the moment, in utter disbelief,
Droplets of water, now alive again…
Bringing about much needed relief,
now here with my pen, I’ve found my zen….

©Alaina Jane

Thanks for reading!

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