Here’s today’s poem. Hope you enjoy!


Still waters, and balcony views!
Led me to this place, I do not want to bid adeiu …
Here I am care free, and feeling reborn!

This city has had me from its inception,
it’s a place where I’m lost in reflection!
Here all time, incessantly, stands still…

I long to take a leisurely boat ride,
and find my inner stride…
Longing to stay, yet here I can only play…

In this river, slow moving, and all its glory…
Reminded to be here, and in this moment!
Here, where time is never spent?

This thing called life, it can be gone in an instant.
So be where you’re content!
For to us, this life is only lent…

Find your peace, and sign that lease!
Do what you must, for nothing will ever cease…
Except this one life you’re given!

Stand strong, and keep the faith,
And walk on water, in this fine place!
You’ll certainly find out, whom you’re meant to be.

For one day, it’ll only be a memory!
And if nothing more than a mere discovery,
this life shall know no boundaries…


Thanks for reading!

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