Here’s my latest poem…Hope you enjoy!


A glimpse of woe, and meaningfully so…
Gazing upon the grazing cows, crouched in a field
as I sit sniffing cherry blossoms…
It all makes perfect sense up to this point!

Embracing the forsaken,
as noises from the concert boom via towering speakers…
A chapter I once bid farewell long ago!
It returns along with scheduled pills, which offer up a dove’s view…

Equids, in addition to spiked drinks,
offer me no solace from this pain today!
Favorite sandwiches, and literature in hand…
I must choose, here or there!

Quad offenses lead me astray,
and misery enjoys the company!
Mending whats broken, offering up my quests and queries…
Id surrender it all for one last chance!

Foreshadowed previously, and enlightened once again…
Moving forward laboriously, with all the things I must do!
Including the parts of life and love, which meant the most,
making this choice will be forever life altering!


Thanks for reading!

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